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5 things I learnt at Side by Side

It's my last day interning at Side by Side today. Here are 5 of the main things I learnt from being with Dave & Ol.

Side by Side intern

1. They are embarrassing

Before I started with Side by Side, I had a preconception that they would be fairly “normal”. I didn’t realise they would have the mental age of 12 year olds. They took the piss out of me a LOT and embarrassed me in front of their friends (ask Rich Wells and Lisa Maltby). They made me laugh a lot, because I don’t take myself too seriously like them. It’s been cool to work with people that you have a good dynamic with, only crying* on the odd occasion.

*with laughter.


Side by Side Intern

2. Do some graftin’

To keep in theme with our Love Island conversations; Dave & Ol have done some good grafting to get where they are, getting pied & mugged off along the way. The way they cracked on putting type on paper, giving it extra showed to me that it’s good to not put all your eggs in one basket and learn the ropes before going to Nikki Beach.

Translation: Learning the trade before going freelance.


Side by Side Intern

3. Small = cool

Seeing how a small studio works was different to how I’d imagined, it was more relaxed in the sense we could still have a laugh even when working hard. It also felt like my input mattered more because there were only three of us. I really liked this atmosphere; different personalities will suit different ways of working. I haven’t worked in a bigger studio before so have nothing to compare it to (which I will experience at Jaywing in August!), but it has made me more confident that one day I would like to work for myself.


Side by Side Intern

4. Variety is a strength

At uni I studied illustration, where to be a successful illustrator you aim to be known for your “style”. I struggled with this a lot prior to coming to Side by Side because I love variety, but also love being crafty and hands on. They did too which was reassuring because I didn’t want to be restricted to one thing, which before meeting them I thought would be the reality. Because of their approach, it has made me see the work I make a lot differently. I feel more like a designer, opposed to just an illustrator.


Side by Side Intern

5. Practice

From the first day I started at Side by Side, I wanted to make cool coffee art using their snazzy coffee machine. At first it was shit, and after months of intense practice I am now definitely less shit. The point being the same for design. I naively thought I would be able to pick up everything that is thrown at me straight away because I won’t shy away from things, but I realized that it wasn’t realistic to get everything right - and that it is normal to take time to be the crema the crop (LOL).


I’m looking forward to the future and learning more following this great experience. If you would like to see my freelance work check out my Instagram, website, twitter or LinkedIn.

I’m very grateful for the opportunities Dave & Ol have given me, and the many things I’ve learned from them. Even though they have broken me with their teasing, I’ve made two half decent friends, making up a whole one!

Peace out.


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