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5 things we like this week — 27.09.13

1. Arctic Monkeys covering Drake's 'Hold On, We're Going Home'

2. Phonebloks

– A new concept that encourages changing parts of your phone, rather than replacing the whole unit. Save the whales blah blah blah. Could be great, could be shit. We are yet to decide. However they are doing a 'Thuderclap' on 29th October 2013. So if you like it, get clapping.


3. Haim – Days Are Gone album

– If 'The Wire' and 'Falling' are anything to go by, this should be a pretty good album. Released end of September 2013.


4. The new VW Beatle

– Just looks at it. It's very cool. Please give us more work so we can buy two and drag race them, Grease style.


5. P P P P P P POWER – Old Spice Smell is Power adverts

– A bit late on this one, they were released last year, but we've only just discovered them.

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