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November 4, 2015 - No Comments!

Illustrate a guilty pleasure

The final in our mini series of illustrated vinyl covers is guilty pleasures. If you missed the first two, check them out — Week one | Week two

Luke: Justin Bieber — What do you mean?


My illustration this week is of Justin Bieber, he is my guilty pleasure with his track 'What do you mean' although as I am writing this I am listening to his new track 'Sorry' and that's pretty good too.

To build on the last few weeks of learning, I did this whole thing entirely in illustrator. As I drew the outlines and features to his face I realised that he has a pretty featureless face so I gave him a bit more character.

I think lately his music has gotten a bit more serious and less focused on teenage girls, so it's only fair to give him some props by way of some fan art.

#Beliebers #JustinBieber #TheBiebs



Oliver: Britney Spears — Toxic

toxic_oliver2 toxic

The princess of pop, until she went crazy and shaved off her hair. I've unashamedly gone for Toxic by Britney Spears — what a song. Doing this I also found out Miike Snow were involved in the production — probably a reason I don't mind it.

For this I kept it strictly vector, with a real bright, intense palette. I like the idea of having loads of different colour variations of the artwork on a shelf (hence the above GIF).



Dave: Ewan MacColl — Dirty Old Town


My penchant for Irish folk music started back when I was maybe 6-7 years old. Day trips away with my Irish nan meant hours of listening to The Pogues, Steve Earle, The Dubliners and this guy, Ewan MacColl. Later in life when I visited the pubs of Temple Bar, Dublin, I realised I knew all these classic songs, I just never realised.

The lyrics go, 'I met my love, by the gas works wall…’
I pictured a dark, foggy Irish night, where two silhouettes puncture the skyline. This was achieved using white 'tracedown paper’ – useful stuff to have around the studio.

October 21, 2015 - No Comments!

Illustrate a new song

The second in our mini series of illustrated vinyl covers is all about new music. If you missed the first, check it out here.

Dave: Loyle-Carne — Ain't Nothing Changed


I heard this track a couple of nights ago on Radio 1 from South London mc Loyle-Carner. His laid back style appealed to me.

I heard once that a snake eating itself represents an infinite cycle, the song’s about how we’re constantly chasing money, so I drew a snake in the form of a £ symbol, on black card, with a gold marker.

Keep an eye out for him, his recent EP is quality.



Luke: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes — Juggernaut


My song is a new release by former Gallows singer Frank Carter. Generally I’m a pretty soft guy, but I just have a real penchant for loud aggressive music such as this 'The Bronx and Propagandhi'. I think it’s just the passion that comes across in the music that I love. Anyway, for my illustration this week I wanted to do something that built on last week's. I firstly drew my ideas out including the type and then traced over it in Illustrator. I used to use LiveTrace but it felt like a cheats way out, so with this one I spent the time going around my drawing. This allowed me to reposition all of the elements and create a more ‘graphic’ layout.

I went with a motif for a bike gang we have been talking about, but rather than promoting fighting and aggression I decided to promote a bit of peace and love but still retain that gang feel. Maybe I just watched The Warriors too much as a kid.



Oliver: Jamie Jones — Siberian Express

16thfloor siberian_express

I'm a big fan of Jamie Jones, so I chose his latest EP Siberian Express.

I started out doing an illustration for the track Siberian Express - a pencil drawing of a Siberian Husky, but then moved away from that idea and onto another track called The 16th Floor. As with a lot of tech music, it's heavily influenced by space, so I had this image in my head of a lift opening to another galaxy. The space scene is created with grated chalk and water on black paper. I then went back to the husky drawing - it was lacking an edge, so I edited to create the above glitch-style to visualise the feel of the music.

October 7, 2015 - No Comments!

Illustrate a lyric that means something to you

We started with Side vs Side, then came Friday Beers (drink responsibly, kids) and most recently, 100 glyphs.

Why? We’re not shy of a challenge or two. It’s a way to push ourselves and get better.

A few weeks ago we started thinking about our next project and we came up with 12 inches of pleasure (saucy). We love music, it’s always on in the studio and we figured it would be good to get our teeth stuck into an illustrative project.

Over the next six weeks we’ll be showing you a visual response to a piece of music we’ve each chosen.

First up: lyrics that mean something to us...


Oliver - "Take a sad song and make it better"


I've gone for The Beatles — Hey Jude. It's an odd one for me as I'm not a massive fan of The Beatles, but the song, and in particular the second line gives me goosebumps. I'm a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan, and so I've heard this song at it's best, like here. Hey Jude was also one of my Nan's favourite songs, and it was played at her funeral, so I've also heard it at a very different time. Wednesday played at Hillsborough not long after my Nan died, and the lyrics "take a sad song and make it better" suddenly rang very true. For me, the epitome of an emotional rollercoaster.

This piece started off as a black and white ink drawing, which was then scanned, vectorised and coloured in Illustrator.



Dave - "And in the end, the love you take,
Is equal to the love you make"


From the The Beatles — The End, and in my eyes, this is the greatest lyric ever written (great lyric, pretty rubbish song). If we all followed suit the world would be a much nicer place.

My Illustration is quite a literal representation of the lyric. The skeletal hands show eternal love, the heart spilt in two shows the equal love take/make balance. The circles surrounding the hands show the orbiting of our nine planets. Solar love yeah.

Hand drawn illustration, vectorised, printed, redrawn onto lino, cut & printed with block printing inks. Limited edition of 2 prints.



Luke - "Look at me struggling to do everything right"


I chose this lyric from Bruce Spingsteen’s song ‘Brilliant Disguise’ because often in my life I have good intentions but along the line I always get in my own way and things never seem to turn out how I initially wanted them to. That’s what it means to me. And yes that's me there in the hotdog suit.

For this project I really wanted to try out drawing, which I am weak at anyway and more specifically drawing characters/people/faces. I did a couple of drafts and couldn’t get my technique down, after numerous attempts I got something that I was happy with. I took my pencil sketch and traced over it again tweaking bits I didn’t like and then painted over my sketch with some black gouache on some tracing paper. I then layered up the red colour behind it again in black gouache. I took everything into photoshop via the trusty scanner and just dropped a colour layer over the black to make it red. Other than that I wanted to leave in all the mistakes and things I wasn’t happy with to keep it honest.