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I Am An Amplifier

Just before Christmas, Paul Heys from SIA got in touch with us. He'd seen our Why U Reading This For project, and wanted to use the content for a work in context brief for their Level 2 students.

The brief was framed around Social Protest, underpinning the foundations of independence. Our uncensored street words made the perfect content, and students were assigned a word/phrase from the many we've found around Sheffield's streets.

Students were tasked with creating an A1 placard, under specific restrictions:
• Black and White only
• Typeset in Kong, Ivory, Incido or Plate Mono by Daniel Reed

Creating such specific rules would force them to think hard about the relationship between the words and overall composition.


This was a quick brief. From us briefing the students to the 'protest' the students had 1 week. From a personal level, this was really interesting task. When we started collecting street words, we avoided bastardizing the words or removing them from their context, something that the students were being instructed to do.

It was a nice little break from the norm, and also interesting to see how the content we're collecting can be used in other ways. All the placards looked great, but the below 3 caught our eye...

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