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iOS7 iPhone App Design is just awful

After writing the blog a few weeks ago on the end of skeuomorphism I was keen to see what Apple had up its sleeve for the new iPhone iOS7 redesign. I didn't love the old design, but the new one is just awful.




The Apps look like they have been designed by 18 different designers. In separate rooms. With access only to www.iStockphoto.com as a source of 'inspiration'.

Let's take a look through some of the above Apps:

Messages Looks like the old one, but chubbier.

Calendar The font's too thin.

Photos I liked overlapping colours, two years ago.

Camera Why are the lines so delicate?

Weather Remove the blue gradient background and you've got the only decent looking App.

Clock Yawn.

Maps Toy town?

Videos I think I've seen this before...

Notes Super simple. Doesn't match, and the lines are not equally spaced.

Reminders Are those dots glowing?

Stocks Angry, angry App.

Game Centre What the? Where did this 3D one come from?!

Newsstand Why is it so busy?

iTunes & App Store Circles are too close to the edge of the square.

Passbook The 3 colours are too similar.

Compass Back to being super complicated, odd.

Settings What are you?

Phone Yawny yawn.

Mail Detailing is too thin. Gradient hurts my eyes.

Safari Circle is again too close to the edge. Fine detail is again lost/pointless.

Music Makes me want to drink a cocktail in Benidorm.

Try again Apple. Rant over. 

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Robin Barrow
June 12, 2013 at 2:11 am

better is the enemy of done

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