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It’s not you, it’s me

Hello, your old friend Luke here!

Ol and Dave asked me to write a blog post to announce that as of Thursday this week I will no longer working at Side by Side. On the 4th of Feb I am going off on my travels around Asia with my fiancé El for about 6 months.

I guess writing this blog post is a happy sad thing for me, it’s been a crazy year and a half at Side by Side on a personal and professional level including Ol getting married, Dave having a child, me getting engaged and passing my driving test at the tender age of 25 part in thanks to Side by Side who paid for most of my lessons. Of course I am happy that I am going traveling but sad to be leaving the team having spent most of my waking hours with the guys since September 2014.

As a designer I have grown a lot at Side by Side and changed, I came in as a boy and left as a man, as Ol would like me to say. It’s been lots of good times and some hard times, in such a small studio we have to be able to tackle whatever comes through the door and whatever the client needs, at times it can be tough, especially being a young inexperienced designer and their first employee ever! It’s been a huge learning curve and hard to maintain a constantly high standard and way of thinking. But that said it’s been brilliant, I have been lucky enough to be right in the mix doing things I never thought I would do, every day presents something different and challenging to think about, Ol and Dave showed me that you really need to push your self and think bigger and better wherever possible. One piece of advice I’d like to leave Ol and Dave is to really trust your gut and be proud of what you have made.

Ols Wedding

Just want to take this opportunity to thank all the clients I have had the chance to work with, it's been a real pleasure!

I am having a bit of a social media ‘black out’ when I am away but I will be updating my irregular diary occasionally on my website: www.lukeobrien.co

Luke x




We’ll miss Luke. He’s a contradictory hipster, who loves an argument (sometimes about things that really don’t matter) and also shares our love of deep fried food covered in cheese. He’s been a big part of Side by Side, and it’ll feel weird not having him around. Although I won't miss having post-its reading 'I heart Dix' and 'Zombie Attack Imminent' stuck onto my back, on a daily basis.

Thanks Luke, here are your best bits...

Ol & Dave x


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