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Keep learning — Introducing Skillshare

Hello. Luke here again.

I wanted to introduce people to Skillshare. An online resource for creative learning. They mostly stick to design based things but recently have been branching out into loads of creative areas. All of the classes are quite good quality. You can sign up for free for a month, and then it’s fairly inexpensive after that.

On the site you can download an app and take the classes with you offline. I like to learn on the train. Sometimes I don’t specifically look for a certain thing and I just watch any class that takes my fancy.

The good thing about Skillshare is that they have some really cool designers contributing to their site. What I love about it, is that the designers really do share their ideas. Key is in the name people, key is in the name.


Listed below are some of my personal favourites. Some of them let you download resources they use which is also a good bonus. You get a months free when you sign up, here's my code which gives you 1 free month.

Good Skillshare classes —

Aaron Draplin

James Victore

Jon Burgerman

Martina Flor

Simon Walker

NB: If you are looking for more digital web, how to stuff then check out Codecademy. It’s free, I personally found it a bit too hard to stick with but it may come easier to others - Codecademy.

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