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No Man’s Sky Fan Art

Time to geek out here for a moment.

I am a huge gamer slash Sci-Fi slash science slash space fan and soon those worlds will collide in the form of Hello Games 2015 release 'No Man's Sky'.

Not much is known about the game apart from the fact that it's an exploration based space travel game full of awesomness that you do all the things you dream of as a geeky kid like explore planets, get into dogfights and be a general space cowboy bad ass.

What's awesome is that it uses a procedural generator to build the universe around you. If you don't get what that is then get your self on google. Essentially the game generates as you play it, giving a huge potential amount of planets to visit and explore. Believe me it's huge.

How huge I hear you say?

18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets huge all for you to explore.

If you were to discover a planet every second it would take you about 584 Billion years to log them all.

Each user starts on their own planet on the edge of the universe and the broad aim of the game is to travel to the centre of the universe. According to the game developer this will take roughly 40 hours of playing if you don't mess about which I am highly likely to do.

Oh yeah you also get to name planets you discover.

Get me this game!

As a celebration of the year that will change the landscape of games I have done some fan art posters. Most of the info I have deduced from the game demos online as they still haven't released much at all about this mysterious game.

For more info see: www.no-mans-sky.com

Luke-Obrien-No-Mans-Sky-01 Luke-Obrien-No-Mans-Sky-02 Luke-Obrien-No-Mans-Sky-03 Luke-Obrien-No-Mans-Sky-04 Luke-Obrien-No-Mans-Sky-05 Luke-Obrien-No-Mans-Sky-06

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February 26, 2015 at 12:55 am

Scroll fairly rapidly past third poster above. It animates. I would like to know how that works.

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