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Silly Advertising

The use of humour in advertising is becoming sillier and more unpredictable than ever. To the point where their products / services are taking a back seat. Instead the emphasis is being placed on building the brand's personality. I love it.

Finally advertisers are responding to the times. Consumers are buying into brand-lifestyles.

£Millions are now being spent on interacting with customers on an emotional level. And it's working. Whereas the brands that are choosing to sit behind statistics and rational thought are being left in the wake. We're bored of being told why we should like something!

If a company makes me laugh like a little girl, it's going to put them on my buying-radar. I'll talk to my friends about them, I'll share their advert across Facebook, I'll even write a blog on it.

On demand TV has changed the way we watch programmes. I love nothing better than fast forwarding through the breaks in Ramsay's US Nightmares. BUT, if there were more adverts that connected with me emotionally I'm sure I'd be tempted to watch them.

Below are some silly adverts that have had me chuckling recently:

Dollarshaveclub.com 'Our blades are F***ing great'

AO Appliances 'Dave's first day'

Old Spice 'The man your man could smell like'

Polycell 'No more unsightly cracks'

Unexpected random silliness works for me. I love programmes like Monty Python and Family Guy, and on a separate note, this video is bloody funny:

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