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The Lego Movie Logo

So there's a new Lego Movie on the horizon. Excited? Well I am now I have read the plot (an ordinary Lego chap gets mistaken for a hero and puts a gang of acting legends together to help him save the day; Ferrell; Neeson; Freeman; Prat; Banks, to name just a few). However I wasn't upon first glance of the movie logo. As a child I loved Lego. I would go as far as to say that a few blocks and an overactive imagination kept me from turning to crime and heroin. Well maybe they didn't have that much effect. I do love heroin.

What disappointed me most was that the familiar red, yellow, black and white of their logo had been replaced with greys, shimmers, shines and gradients. Yes it needs to be epic, yes it needs to be Hollywood, and yes it needs to relate the the viewers (who are probably 5, and don't give a toss about history, values and brand) but I simply don't care. I want chunky sausage text. I want bobbly bits that hurt your feet. I want just a glimmer of what I loved so much as a kid. After all, is it actually me who's the target audience? 6 year olds don't have money. So sell to me Lego, I'll borrow a child to take to the cinema.




Now there aren't any trailers out there yet, it's not out until Feb '14. But I hope the film doesn't go too 3D and 'Ben 10'. I want it to look like the extras on the 2 disc edition of Monty Python's Holy Grail:


Or to a lesser extent this version of Summer Nights I found on Youtube. (Bear with it, when they did 'shooda bop bop' I fell in love).


Past Lego advertising has been fantastic, so I'm holding out hope:


I won't jump to conclusions this early on, watch this space.
Here's hoping for greatness, but preparing for a few lost pieces.

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