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Why U Reading This For?

Ever taken a picture of a hand drawn dick on the side of a bus stop, or laughed at some vulgar graffiti? If you answered yes, then you'll probably like our side project — Why U Reading This For?.
We like crudely drawn cocks and grammatically incorrect graffiti, and until a few months ago, we collected these hidden treasures for nothing more than to laugh at, and occasionally put one on Twitter.

We then thought it would be a good idea to showcase the poetic nature of the glorious street-word, and Why U Reading This For? was born. We love type, and we love Sheffield, so what better than a project highlighting the views of real Sheffield people, putting them across in their own way?

The name comes from a scruffily written message on Lady's Bridge — which sums up this project pretty perfectly.


Words are great. Throw a few together and they can make you feel something. Take those words and write them somewhere public, and it can create something hilarious, peculiar, and in some cases, a bit disturbing. And they're everywhere — and you don't even realise it. Political views, offensive phrases, random sentences, drug advice, sex advice, sinister warnings, dad jokes, music reviews, satire sayings, personal opinions, messages of love — it's all out there, and it's all bloody amazing.

why_u_reading_this_for_they_are_watching why_u_reading_this_for_private_barkingwhy_u_reasing_imagewhy_u_reading_this_for_boyfriends_nails why_u_reading_this_for_avocados

You can follow the project on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. If you spot some street-words we haven't, please send them through to [email protected] or hit us up on Twitter.

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