• Illustrations for the British Tinnitus Assocation

      These illustrations were designed to help humanise a difficult subject. Depending on the application we chose either a sombre person paired with impactful copy, or a focus on plain hands to avoid race & gender complications.

    • Character illustrations for Remember the Date

      From simple sketches in a beer garden these illustrations grew to become the starring roles of the RtD brand. The four brand characters took on various celebrity roles in a bid to create weekly sharable content for Facebook & Twitter.

    • Illustrations for Sheffield Money

      Our illustrations started with a glum looking woman laid in bed thinking about money. The rough/scratchy style came from our desire to soften what can often be a very difficult time in someone’s life. We wanted the illustrations to have heart.

    • 12 Inches of Pleasure

      Another of our internal projects, where we combined our love of illustration and music. We 'redesigned' album covers of some of our favourite songs, forcing ourselves to try new illustration techniques.