Side Projects

    • Experiments in Oil

      As part of 36 Days of Type, we created 1 letter each day made from oil. The idea came from our love of the humble oil slick you find on the road on a wet day.

    • 100 Glyphs

      To expose ourselves to new techniques, we set ourselves the challenge of create a different letter each day for 100 days. Doing this project taught us tecniques we've since used in client work.

    • Friday Beers

      On Friday afternoons we drink beer & draw on the empty bottles in Posca. Not only has this improved our pen technique, we've also tried a lot of interesting beers. Any excuse!

    • Just Do Good Shit Exhibition

      Alongside the 2015 Sheffield Design Week, we curated an event & hosted a party where 11 of the cities creative studios submitted a poster. The theme was ‘What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt?’. Our entry was a ‘Just Do Good Shit selfie’ area, painfully mosaic’d in just 2 days.

    • Side vs Side

      When Side by Side turned 1, we ran an internal project called Side vs Side. We created a piece of typography each week for 12 weeks, using everything from bacon, dust, grease, burgers and toilet roll.

    • 12 Inches of Pleasure

      For this project, we combined our love of illustration and music. We 'redesigned' album covers of some of our favourite songs, forcing ourselves to try new illustration techniques.

    • Why U Reading This For?

      We created this project to showcase the many images of streetwords we collect from around Sheffield. You can't beat finding 'I paint my boyfriend's toenails and he shaves my head' on the side of a University.

    • Posters

      A selection of posters we've created for exhbitions or personal projects. Sometimes you just need to make a poster from Outkast lyrics.