Tactile Typography

    • PLAY Typographic Golf Course

      For our 2nd birthday we themed a party around Work & Play, and how the two work together to create a happy studio. We made a 1.5m x 4.5m playable mini-golf course as the centre piece to our party. The current record is set by OIiver - around the course in 7 shots. It’s in our studio if you’d like to try & beat him.

    • Food Typography for Sainsbury's

      Lettering pieces made from various ingredients including coffee and horseradish, to advertise Sainsbury's 'Little Twists' campaign.

    • Friday Beers

      On Friday afternoon we drink beer & draw on the empty bottles in Posca. Any excuse ey?

    • Anamorphic Typographic Imagery

      We created 3 anamorphic type images as part of a branding project, to visualise Mindflick's key principles — Focus, Change & Lead. We used various materials, including paper, wood and foam.

    • Side vs Side

      When Side by Side turned 1, we ran an internal project called Side vs Side. We created a piece of typography each week for 12 weeks, using everything from bacon, dust, grease, burgers and toilet roll.

    • 100 Glyphs

      To expose ourselves to new techniques, we set ourselves the challenge of create a different letter each day for 100 days. Doing this project taught us tecniques we've since used in client work.

    • Experiments in Oil

      As part of 36 Days of Type, we created 1 letter each day made from oil. The idea came from our love of the humble oil slick you find on the road on a wet day.