We were recently approached by the nice people up at Quba to help with the branding for one of their clients, Functional Nutrition Supplements.

FNS were doing great, in terms of sales, but their website was dated and their brand identity had really fallen behind. We were brought in to revive their identity and give Quba the visual assets they needed to create a well-branded online space.


— Identity
— Illustrations
— Iconography
— Colour Palette & Typography
— Brand Imagery
— Website Assets
— Signage
— Promotional Items
— Posters
— Launch E-Campaign


— Renaming – quite a mouthful, and not the easiest URL to remember. We started the project by questioning if this name was essential, or open to change.

After talking with the client about the benefits of a shorter, unique brand name, our first job was to find one that celebrated the history naturopathy, was memorable and had available URLs & social media handles.

Much searching and discarding ensued (108 names were considered & cut!) and our inspiration came from old Indian beliefs (India being the home of Naturopathy) that Dhanvatari - Physician to the Gods - incarnated himself in human form to teach others how to heal. We found out that he emerged from the ocean carrying a pot of Amrita, a rejuvenating nectar that gave the gods immortality, and Amrita Nutrition was born.


— Branding

Amrita Nutrition wanted to position themselves at the intersection of science and nature. After looking into the history of Medical Botany we found that some of these books/papers were adorned with beautiful woodcut images.

One particularly nice book was a 1780's catalog of medicinal plants, for the Royal College of Physicians. Luckily, we found a company in the US that had an original copy. They provided us with high-res scans of the (now copyright-free) images within the book, which then served as a core element to the Amrita brand.

Other elements of the identity simply take inspiration from the Botanist images – the colour palette and illustrative style in particular.