British Tinnitus Association

After working on a handful of smaller projects over the last year, the BTA decided it was time to look at their main brand and how this tied together their many sub-brands.

Being an auditory symptom, Tinnitus is fairly obscure and unless you’ve experienced it, it’s difficult to comprehend its severity. It can affect any of us, at any time in life and unfortunately, there’s no known cure.

To bring the affects of Tinnitus to the forefront, we decided to visualise it. We started by designing dozens to different ‘noise' patterns before narrowing them down to a pattern that was impactful but still approachable.



— Identity
— Bespoke Typeface
— Bespoke Illustrations
— Guidelines
— Marketing Materials
— Reports / Magazines / Brochures


— Identity

The logo we developed was a simple representation of sound waves emitting from the letter T. The brackets then went on to form the repeating pattern used to visualise Tinnitus. This pattern then went on to form a bespoke typeface we fondly named ‘Wotsits’.

The British Tinnitus Association then needed a wide range of illustrations to help communicate their messages. We created over 100 different graphic elements, including infographics to illustrate their annual report and attention grabbing graphics for their social media feeds.


— Business Stationery

We completed the identity with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and a rework of some of their sub-brands to tie in with the new house style. A wide range of their business collateral followed, from reports, to magazines and exhibition graphics to product brochures.